Web Developer language

10 important language for a web developer

In this article i discuss some important language. Which is must for a web developer. If you are a web developer so you have should good sound knowledge below discuss topic. Here is 10 basic language for web developers. With these help you can create own web site easily.

HTML is stands for 'Hyper Text Markup Language'. It is most usefull for web developer. You can create your own website. You can easy to learn HTML. Now advanced version is HTML5.

2. CSS
CSS is stands for 'Cascading Style Sheets'. It is used for give style our website. CSS is used for how HTML content are to be displayed. You create a good locking website with the help of CSS.

3. Bootstrap
Bootstrap is a best solution of responsive site. It is a framework of HTML, CSS, Javascript for developing responsive website. You can free download and used. Free download click here.

4. JavaScript
JavaScript is the programming language. You can used for HTML and web. It create behavior of web page. You can used with HTML content in own website. You can easy to learn.

5. jQuery
jQuery is a javascript library. jQuery behavior is same as Javascript. It is most usefull programming language.

AJAX is stands for 'Asynchronous JavaScript and XML'. AJAX is a new way to existing standards. It is not a programming language. You can use exchanging data with the server. AJAX works without reloading whole page. So it is usefull for our website.

JSON is stands for 'JavaScript Object Notation'. It is a syntax for shorting and exchanging data. You can use structure of data in oue website. It is easier to use alternative of XML.

8. AngularJS
Angular JS is add HTML with new attributes. Before you study AngularJS you should have basic learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It is a Javascript framework.

9. SQL
SQL is stands for 'Structured Query Language'. It is standards language and used for accessing database. You can execute queries and access database record. SQL is best language for web developers.

10. PHP
PHP is stands for 'Hypertext Preprocessor'. You can use our site dynamic mode with the PHP. More details PHP click here.